The Black Headed Ibis….killing a Snake

It’s every wildlife photographer’s a dream to click such shots where The Black Headed Ibis….killing a Snake and engulfing of it and that allows few minutes to shoot if the angle is proper.

The remnant of the Snake engulfed

It was early morning on a Sunday in December that we reached Manglajodi Wetlands near Chilika where on a boat ride we went into the wetland with an instruction to the guide of the boat to take us closer to such birds in Action.

The Snake was half inside and half out to give a perfect shot for we as photographers

I have clicked so many sequences from of the Ibis engulfing the snake and thanks to my luck as the bird took out the snake from its throat and then again started to swallow it which gave me a closer chance to reach with the boat.

Dedicated to all wildlife and bird photographers across the globe 🌎.


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