Yes…..Life Goes On


It becomes more COLOURFUL and MEANINGFUL if you get like minded CO-GOERS in the SOJOURN of your JOURNEY of LIFE .

You can NEVER get your co-goers who are LIKE MINDED unless you make your OWN AURA , because it’s your AURA that attracts like MINDED PEOPLE around you through out the LIFE .

Be sure if you are good at heart definitely you will get good people in and around.

I would suggest “school-Mates” are the BEST to some extent because the more we grow up in our LADDER of LIFE almost all of us get to be greedy and choosy in life in some way or other .

Above all school days Friends are the purest of all FRIENDSHIP because in those days greed won’t come in between friendship.

If you have forgotten the names of your school friends just find one of them from any social media like FB/TWEETER/KINKEDIN etc…..

Make it a point to shed your EGO whatever post you may hold in your domain and see you recollect all GEMS from the SEA-SHORE.

Nourish a GOOD LIFE with no greed and SELF content and MOVE FROM “SELFISHNESS to SELFLESSNESS” and see how your “LIFE BLOOMS”.

Just my thoughts put to words….nothing official in it.


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