Ego (अहंकार) BEWARE of it

Ego (अहंकार) BEWARE of it

Ego (अहंकार) BEWARE of it

One must know the thin line of difference between self-respect and ego.

Ego is अहंकर in any form is harmful and Self-respect is स्वाभिमान and is always healthy and welcome in any stage of life.

The more we shed our Ego the more pure we become as individuals and it leads to SPIRITUALITY at the end .

Ego makes us BLIND and leads to BONDAGE of SOUL.
The WORLD is vast and vivid…..
And YOU never know who possesses what qualities and the entire LIFE is a learning process.
The more we keep ourself bonded with EGO the less we learn.
In the contrary SELF-RESPECT is always welcome and it gives due recognition to our DIVINE SOUL.

Beware of ego, it is a double edged sword. The outer edge cuts your popularity, while the inner edge cuts your purity.
Just my thoughts put to words.


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