Indian Pitta….Unique colourful Bird

Indian Pitta…an unique colourful Bird.

It’s an Indian Pitta (called as Nabrangi in Hindi) perching with a wide open bill with eyes fixed towards some distant object and with an approximate body length of 18-20, this very colourful looking Indian Pitta also known locally as ‘Nawarang’ (Pitta brachyura) is a bird of well-wooded and scrubby country.

It is mainly terrestrial in habits, but roosts at night in low trees and is fond of nullahs and ravines with plenty of undergrowth, deciduous as well as evergreen, and is met with both near and away from human habitations.

They mostly feed on insects, spiders, small worms, slugs and even small snails. The nesting season is between May and August, with peaks in June in central India, and in July in northern India.

It’s my first Pitta shot for that me and wife to search inside the bushes for almost 2 hours & at last clicked a few shots on ground from different angels in Mangar Ban(Haryana)

June 2019

Gear:Nikon D500 with 200-500mm Nikkor Lens.


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