International Earth Day

International Earth Day 22nd April 2019

It’s a great concern for all Nature lovers like me to think a bit on this International Earth Day ie; 22nd April 2019.

How far we are justified in avoiding Human & Animal conflict because that’s a big issue of today as we all entering into their territory which was once upon a time their’s.

Very recently I had been to a lesser known Forest near Narora in Uttar Pradesh India and saw some beautiful Nilgai the Blue Bulls roaming and grazing in the wild.

Saw some wild boars too which I could click shots with my DSLR.

Some Peafowls I came across on the road were busy dancing for courtship.

We all need to educate our future generations by making them accustomed to the wildlife around us through curriculum subjects and as well as trips to the wild.

We need to educate our children of the value of this earth by bringing them closer to the world of flora and fauna.

Their virtues and the best we can do to conserve and preserve our Mother Earth.

We all have to admit a fact that the declining forest area leads to extinction of so many rare species of birds and animals as it’s a mismatch in eco-system and cause a threat to their survival.

I would appeal to every human being living across the Globe to sit and think with closed eyes and pray for the well being of the wild animals and birds and pledge to take all possible steps for their conservation and survival by planting more and more trees and making afforestation a huge success.


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