Travel Destination…Chupir Chor/Purbosthali in West Bengal India

Travel Destination…Chupir Chor/Purbosthali in West Bengal India

It was springtime in INDIA and I clicked these shots at Chupir Chor/Purbosthali a beautiful Bird watching destination near Nabadwip hardly 127 km from kolkata the city of joy where these

Western Swamphen or Morehen

Lesser Whistling-Ducks

Pheasant tailed Jackana

Asian Open Bills

Purple Heron

Great Cormorant

& many more exotic species of birds are quite abundant to show off their colourful beauty.

It was a mere bad luck I couldn’t spot Osprey the unique bird species which is the main attraction of this wetland.

Though I am quite new into this venture of wildlife/bird photography being a novice to memorise most of the bird species encashed a nice opportunity by landing on the site after a drive of about 3.30 hours from Kolkata.

The beauty of the Wet land at CHUPIR CHOR/PURBOSTHALI, what I felt was quite a virgin experience as much of the Flora & Fauna was not into human invasion.

I would suggest my Bird watcher & Photographer friends to explore this travel destination with a care for the NATURE in heart.

All the photographs I clicked with my D500 NIKON DSLR along with 200-500mm Nikkor Lens in hand.


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