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FACES from PrayagRaj Kumbh2019

It’s always so challenging to compose pictures from a Mela/Fair where the subject is so fast moving that it needs a real inner insight to depict it into visual form that a photographer composes first in his/her mind.

I have tried to capture a few moods from streets of PrayagRaj Kumbh Mela2019 and hope every picture will tell a story by itself.

The Yogini with a Pair of “Trishul” in her hand symbolising herself as a devotee of “Lord Shiva”.

A Sanyasi in his saffron attire adding glamour to the background of pure serenity for which devotees from across the Globe come here to take a “holy Dip” in the “Triveni Sangam”.

A “Naga Sadhu/Sanyasi” at last agreed to give me a CANDID POSE with a cute pair of sunglasses that he adorned before I framed him.

My motif behind taking these snaps and writing this “StreetPhotography blog” was simply to show “FACES”to my august visual audiences/readers.


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