Time is Money…& let’s value Time

Time is Money…& let’s Value Time

I would request my readers not to consider TIME as what we get to see on a wrist WATCH or on a Wall CLOCK and MONEY never means The DOLLAR/EURO or INR in hand.

It’s like STRIKING an IRON ROD when it’s HOT that I mean here as TIME & the ultimate VALUE addition to LIFE I mean here as MONEY.

In today’s WORLD almost all of US chase against TIME knowing well we can never match the SPEED and ultimately end up with FRUSTRATIONS and to the contrary those who set milestones for themselves to CROSS are rather unique & more CONTENT.

Money is always a NEED but it’s not the ULTIMATE to waste by thinking upon to CHASE MONEY this way or that way.

I have seen people CHASING even after their superannuation from jobs or retirement from businesses,but I will say it’s a MINDSET ISSUE…..there are people who are not RICH ENOUGH but are MORE GENEROUS enough then their RICHER friends or neighbours.

Let’s not chase TIME ever and rather learn to VALUE time to keep our COMMITMENTS and value the ONLOOKERS with equal DIGNITY as we expect DIGNITY for ourselves being human with flesh & blood.

Let’s respect TIME and value MONEY as a need for SURVIVAL and nurture atleast one good habit of BEING COMPASSIONATE & GENEROUS in our LIFE.

*The universe neither blesses nor punishes us.*

* It only responds to the vibrations of our attitude….*

*Happiness in life depends on how we perceive it. That is why some are happy beggars & others are sad millionaires.*

Just my pure #thoughts put to #words.


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