The Burden…a Symbolic Thought

The Burden….a Symbolic Thought

While taking this shot of a Tribal Lady in a remote tribal location in Rajasthan an age long agony popped up in my mind !

The LADY carrying the FIRE WOOD symbolises HER taking the BURDEN of LIVELIHOOD being a MOTHER as well.

And why she has to carry a BURDEN always and not just her share of BURDEN in her LIFE being THE LADY of THE HOUSE.

It’s a normal and most common thing we all see in lower middle class and poorer sections in our society in INDIA where the MALES in most are more privileged to get themselves indulged in either INTOXICATION or PLAYING CARDS and the LADY of THE HOUSE not only carries the burden of raising/nourishing her OFF-SPRINGS but at times to run from PILLARS to POSTS to make her both ENDS MEET.

Just a thought put to words and my #Salute to the #Woman in the picture as well as all #Women across the Globe.


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  1. Shivangi says:

    amazing post! Hats off!

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    1. PhotoBySiba says:

      Thanks for imbibing my emotional post.
      Hats off too for you Shivangi

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      1. Shivangi says:



  2. Anonymous says:

    Your portrait is a soul stirring one
    What comes to me as a shock is The Kali the Luxmi and the Annapurna of every household is bestowed with such destiny…this reverence and strenous life …. It pains to the bottom of our being for what society gives us…. .a.

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