Life it self an ACHIEVEMENT

Life itself it self an ACHIEVEMENT


Most of the Today’s EXECUTIVES wake up with a TARGET to catch the whole day the RUN 🏃‍♂️ AFTER and end up at the woo hours of the NIGHT with a BIG FRUSTRATION.

1)Are we meant for just TARGETS to achieve ?

2)Don’t we have a PASSION to pursue and nurture a GOOD LIFE-STYLE ?


We all are UNIQUELY created by the UNIVERSE to be blessed with some or other UNIQUENESS to keep OURSELVES self amused and lead a LIFE of CONTENTMENT.

Being HAPPY won’t need to just achieve our TARGETS but to keep OURSELVES HAPPY and amused in BAD TIMES even.

So my dear EXECUTIVES…….a small and JUST ADVISE….without any PREJUDICE.

Nurture a HOBBY
Go for an OUTING with FAMILY
Help the NEEDY standing next to YOU and never the less……
Keep on SMILING and let your acts OTHERS SMILE as well.



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  1. Barin Sarkar says:

    Excellent Bhanjaji. Kindly keep sending me your views .

    Liked by 1 person

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