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Like the 4 Walls of a room & like the 4 directions of a plain surface ,there too exists 4 FRONTS in any PERSONALITY.

#The BRIGHTER side

#The DARKER side

#The WILDER side

#The UNSEEN side

Of course these are my ways of classifying subtle states of HUMAN EMOTIONS or PERSONALITY traits you can say.

The BRIGHTER side is the side of our PERSONALITY we all project or portray in every deed we do or words we speak to project ourselves THE BEST.

The DARKER side is the side we seldom project with a fear of losing a lot instead of gaining in.

The WILDER side the side being inherited we all being the descendants of ANIMAL KINGDOM. Some flourish and some conceal ignoring it a BAD TRAIT.

The UNSEEN side is the hidden site which a few can & which we don’t have the courage to face…keeping ourselves aloof knowing that the reality is only painstaking.

It needs a lot of practice through MEDITATION for diving in to the DEEP SELF WITHIN to measure the FATHOM of the DEPTH.

It’s always a good habit….instead of judging and wasting times on other’s it’s better to SELF-JUDGE/ASSES & find own SHORT COMINGS and to SELF-RECTIFICATION.

At times certain thoughts come to mind like waves of an ocean slashing on the sea-shores & it’s a mere thought I have put to words.


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