Framing a Bird Photography

Framing a Bird Photography

Any click will become a show-stealer once you learn the right way to frame the bird within your visual boundaries.

It’s a Laughing Dove that I clicked from my rooftop early in the morning very recently while the bird was basking under warm Sun light during during early morning hours.

The Pose

The pose of the bird is most important as well as portraying it in a right proportion giving a full worth against it’s back ground and for that you may to wait with your DSLR in your hand and at times you will have to spoil a few clicks to get the right mood to portray.

A good DSLR

A good DSLR camera would always be an added advantage to add weightage to your click but the basics of good photography are more of an inborn instinct.

Just few words from an Amateur and hope my photography friends would agree and I always respect views of my critics as well.
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