Sometimes a small thing can bring a sea change the way we think and start appreciating our own being with DIVINE BLESSINGS.

I would narrate with a bright example here….

Once in an AMERICAN JAIL there was the HIGHEST incidence of JAIL BREAK and cases of DRUG ABUSE leading to HIGHEST cases of LOSS of LIFE and in turn a new GOVERNOR of that JAIL was appointed .The first thing he did was to send all the JAIL STAFF in a TRAINING for BUILDING CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP and you will be really amazed to know after they returned from the training they started behaving with their CRIMINAL INMATES undergoing IMPRISONMENTS as CUSTOMERS and not as CRIMINALS.

The essence of the STORY is very simple and it pronounces… clear words.


•LOVE & FEAR can never COEXIST•

Only LOVE & RESPECT for the FELLOW BEINGS emit POSITIVE ENERGY which can in turn mend the PERSON on the other side to be BETTER ONE.

RESPECT is always the outcome of LOVE.

One can truly feel the POWER of LOVE and PURITY of LOVE by shedding off the HATRED we all carry as BURDENS in our LIFE through MEDITATION and it’s nothing but to sit quiet and let the THOUGHTS come and go like WAVES banging on the SHORE on a SEA SHORE.

Just my #thoughts put to #words and your interactive views I am sure will enlighten me.


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