Both of these two are always so opposite in any RELATIONSHIPS and I am sure where there is LOVE there is ACCEPTANCE and where there is ATTACHMENT it needs to rethink.

Actually I was listening to a nice DELIBERATION in a TV channel during my morning YOGA time and it very much touched my own sentiments.

Take an example…..

Normally in our FAMILIES when the SON is not in a position to devote much of his time for parents it’s a matter of BOAST with the words like….look he is so busy with his job/engagements & for the same MOTHER it takes a turn of not devoting time postmarriage and here you can feel prior to marriage a mother’s feelings are so different for her SON and it takes a turn the moment the same SON gets married and starts sharing his share of LOVE towards his WIFE and RELATIONSHIP.

30 years back the SOCIETY at large was so SIMPLE and the RELATIONSHIP between PARENTS & CHILDREN was so TRUE and SIMPLE without STRESS of any kind in place but the things are altogether DIFFERENT these days with a BIG role of STRESS in every RELATIONSHIPS and every one of us are busy in mending it our way.

When PARENTS start COMPLAINING about their OFFSPRINGS it really creates a HAVOC and emits NEGATIVE energy making the interpersonal RELATIONSHIP more BITTER.

The ESSENCE of the SERMON was to be CONSIDERATE on the part of PARENTS the way they used to be prior to their OFFSPRING’s getting involved into any RELATIONSHIPS to make it more loving and LASTING because LOVE is always beyond ATTACHMENT and it is DIVINE & ETERNAL.

Never make the PARENTAL LOVE a DEMANDING one but try it convert it into a GIVING one.

Just #Thoughts put to #Words


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  1. Suman says:

    “Never make parental love a demanding one but try it convert into a giving one ” this quote was highlight of the article. Thanks 🤩🙏🙏

  2. Anonymous says:

    Parental attachment turns into hindrance and this is the basic cause today’s liberated women prefer nuclear family over joint family though the latter is more beneficial, they will suffer but not live in a joint family.
    I would love you to write a topic over this might it can come up as an eye opener for parents. a.

    1. PhotoBySiba says:

      Very true

  3. PhotoBySiba says:

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