The more we crave…for anything the more we detach or distance ourselves from the CORE the WITHIN.

Life is a VOYAGE through a passage of TIME & sometimes sailing through a fair weather & sometimes windy.

The one who are more COMPOSED sail through the TOUGHEST times with SILKY SMOOTH ride and the ONE’s CRAVING for anything…..say it for WEALTH,FAME or anything MATERIALISTIC would always lead them  to just VOID the point of NO RETURN.

I have seen people at the HIGHEST STRATA of their LIFE with the meanest of ATTITUDE.

The more GRACEFUL we are to accept and not grumble the MORE it will lead to the PATH of SOLITARY HAPPINESS.

Happiness can never be quantified like any other materialistic pleasures but it’s an unbound SOURCE OF JOY NEVER ENDING LIKE A SPRING FALLING FROM A HILL TOP.

Just my own thoughts put to words and I would love if you interact and enrich me.


Published by Siba_Photography

It's a Signature of My Creativity..... Emotions embedded with words and soaked with my Photography hope will definitely create an Life long Impression on You.

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