Moksha मोक्ष

Sometimes being in flesh and blood talking of big big things look more hypocritical!

Isn’t it so ?

Though it looks impossible but if we can give up ME ME & ME in every work we do will really take us a step closer to MOKSHYA मोक्ष.

Being detached from the DOINGS is a real big task for most of us but it’s not IMPOSSIBLE at all if practised over a period of time.

Some people themselves assume that may be this WORLD will stop 🛑 once they stop doing things but my dear…’s an ONGOING PROCESS and we all are just a part of it.

The WORLD was there and it will be there…..till TIME IMMEMORIAL

Many like us have come and gone through passage of time and the WISE do think they DO NOTHING and just share the SUCCESS in the name of ALMIGHTY and the FOOLS celebrate for the SUCCESS.

Friends….it’s very humble to become a SEER than a DOER then only can realise MOKSHYA मोक्ष.

Just my thoughts imbibed in to words.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    There are so many things l have learnt from you.. many spiritual thoughts practical experiences but this topic had made me thoughtful after a point of time ppl seek moksha after sparing glorious years of their youth and manhood but l had always been a sacrificing soul since childhood and at this point of life l started living for my self l never had anything such as MYSELF in my life but today l think about ME and myself…is it ok or pretty insane….a.

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