Bird Photography Wire Tailed Swallow

Wire Tailed Swallow

The wire-tailed swallow is a small swallow, measuring 18 cm (7.1 in) in length. It has bright blue upperparts, bright white underparts and a chestnut cap. Immature birds lack tail wires, and have dull brown (rather than chestnut) caps.

The species is named for the very long filamentous outermost tail feathers, which trail behind like two wires.

Both the sexes are similar in appearance, but the female has shorter “wires”. Juveniles have a brown crown, back and tail.


They mostly reside in open areas, cultivation, mostly in vicinity of canals, lakes & rivers.

Food Habit

Mostly they feed on insects.


common breeding (during summer) found in North India at about 1,800m in the Himalayan range breeds in many other parts of India too and widespread over other areas excep arid zones.

I have tried to compile the informations from various sources just to make aware about the Fauna around us & I would dedicate this Blog to all Bird Lovers.


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