Daily Inspiration #2 THE KARMIC BONDAGE

Daily Inspiration #2 THE KARMIC BONDAGE

That’s a BIG Question for today’s generation to obtain a DETACHMENT from KARMIC BONDAGE knowing well it’s a WORLD full of greed and treachery everywhere in the name of CHARITY!

Karmic Bondage to be precise in my own verse is the the sense of attachment with the DOINGS or you can say “SAT KARMA/GOOD DOINGS”.

The moment the BONDAGE is surfaced , EGO or the sense of BOASTING pops up making the very purpose of CHARITY a meaningless FUTILE exercise jeopardising the very motif there of.

There is a very OLD INDIAN SAYING….it says…


Here comes the DETACHMENT from KARMIC BONDAGE when THE DOING is being DETACHED from the DOER.

Not an easy task…..BUT

It can be practised OVER a TIME if mixed up with YOGA and MEDITATION.

The good thing of YOGA is to purify the BODY and MIND helping a lot to SELF REALISE every deed we do & helps in finding our own faults.

Again MEDITATION helps in a different way by making us realise the MISTAKES and USHERING the right PATH to SELF REALISATION.

MEDITATION is nothing but to detach from the PAST , the PRESENT and the UNSEEN FUTURE.

To sit calm and NOT to CONCENTRATE is MEDITATION when MIND FLOATS from one thought to the other keeping it self free from any BONDAGE with the GOOD or BAD THOUGHTS.

Just a mere wish to see LIGHT brings in RAYS of HOPE in our LIFE.

A few words from heart with a pure intention to purify my SOUL.


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    Wonderful thoughts sir!!!!!! Keep posting such things, ur positive words makes us feel calm…….

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      Thanks dear for your equally positive words.

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