HOPE is…..H-O-P-E

HOPE is…….H-O-P-E

A mere write up on the WALL ignited me to come up with a thought provoking topic to write on it.

To be precise , LIFE is too short to spend on USELESS thoughts and plunge into ABYSMAL….the BOTTOMLESS PIT of UNCERTAINTY OR HOPELESS STATE OF AFFAIR.

After gazing at each letters of the word HOPE , I just made up my mind to elaborate it in a most subtle way…..


H-Having intention

Intentions for anything positive & good is like the stepping stone to conquer all HURDLES in LIFE to make the JOURNEY of LIFE more meaningful.

With the very INTENTIONS to do the IMPOSSIBLE seems even POSSIBLE if otherwise taken care with proper nourishment of GOOD VIBES imbibed in to the THOUGHTS.

O-Openness of mind

Openness of MIND is the NEXT BEST to work upon and unless we keep our mind OPEN and RECEPTIVE may be even GOOD VIVES can’t dare to knock at MIND’s DOOR.

P-Patience and Faith on Almighty

Sometimes PATIENCE is a real tool to sail through the WORST TIMES and the UNIVERSAL TRUTH says…

The WORST days are always followed by THE BEST TIMES the way RAYS of SUNSHINE ushers the way in to SUNNY DAY from a NIGHT’s PITCH DARKNESS.

E-Eternal is the Journey

ETERNAL JOURNEY is always so INFINITE….no RULES ever work before HIS way of settling the SCORES and sometimes APPARENTLY IMPOSSIBLES get to GO in a MOST POSSIBLE way and that’s the way Almighty has a role to RULE.

Friends I have just tried to justify the four letters with my WORDS and you can say tried to give suitable WORDS to my THOUGHT to make it look more acceptable…..


Who knows…..WHAT’s N E X T.

HOPE is being in ONE SELF and believe in ONE SELF😊


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  1. Sumayya Ali says:

    And I really do hope that this HOPE – having positive intentions, Openness, Patience and Eternity- is found in every hopeless person.

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  2. rpradhanblog says:

    A wonderful post.

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    1. PhotoBySiba says:

      Thanks a lot Pradhan Sahab


  3. Anonymous says:

    All don’t have the power to instil Hope in others and hope can do miracles….l feel..
    After losing all my near & dear ones l lost hope in life itself..a.

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  4. Wonderful article.

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    1. PhotoBySiba says:

      Thanks Rooppendra ji


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