The Brown Rock Chat

The Brown Rock Chat

The Brown Rock Chat or The Indian Chat(Oenanthe fusca) is a bird in the chat (Saxicolinae) subfamily and is found mainly in northern and central India. It is often found on old buildings and rocky areas.

It resembles more likely a female Indian Robin but lacks the reddish vent and differs in posture and behaviour apart from being larger.

It mostly feeds on insects, captured mainly on the ground.

Both the sexes are indistinguishable in the field. When feeding on the ground it sometimes flicks open its wings and tail. It also has a habit of slowly raising its tail slightly, fanning it and bobbing its head.

Nearly 8 different kinds of calls have been noted and these include territorial calls, begging call, feeding call, alarm call, threat call, contact call, distress call, roosting and emergence calls.

I am sure after you go through my Blog on this Brown Rock Chat along with a few shots I took recently , your inquisitive mind will definitely look around in your vicinity to find one or two .

I first came to know about this Bird during my Buxar days in Bihar and those were much more deep brown and may be it was due to climatic conditions.

Again it’s just my own inquisitive attitude to know a little more about the winged creatures led me to compile on this topic.

I would dedicate this Blog to Bird lovers and Bird Photographers across the Globe.


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