Indian Silverbill Munia

Indian Silverbill Munia

The Indian silverbill Munia or white-throated munia (Euodice malabarica) is a small passerine bird found in the Indian Subcontinent and adjoining regions that was formerly considered to include the closely related African silverbill (Euodice cantans).

This little Bird is a common resident breeding bird in the drier regions of the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent as well.

They forage mostly in small flocks in grassland and scrub habitats.

The adult Indian Silverbill is 11–11.5 cm long and has a conical silver-grey bill, buff-brown upperparts, white underparts, buffy flanks and dark wings.

The tail is black and the wings are dark contrasting with a white rump. Both the sexes are similar, but immatures have buff underparts and a shorter tail.

Habitat and Distribution

Although mainly found on the plains, they can be found up to about 1200 mtr in some subHimalayan regions.It is mostly habitat to Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Iran and Israel.

It has also been accidentally introduced into many other parts of the world and has been found in Jordan, Israel, Kuwait, Oman, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United States, Virgin Islands (possibly extinct) and Nice (southern France).

Luckily I spotted these cute birds on my backyard and I feel extreme lucky to click these shots with my NIKON D7200 with NIKKOR 70-300mm Lens and later on I had to take the help from one of my veteran friend cum conservator of Wild Odisha to identify it rightly.

I would dedicate this Blog to all Birders and Bird Photographers across the Globe.


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