Bird Photography…The Laughing Dove

Bird Photography…The Laughing Dove

The laughing dove (Spilopelia senegalensis) is a small Pigeon that is a resident breeder in Africa , the Middle East and the Indian sub-continent.

This small long-tailed dove is found in dry scrub and semi-desert habitats where pairs can often be seen feeding on the ground. A rufous and black chequered necklace gives it a distinctive pattern and is also easily distinguished from other doves by its call. Other names include laughing turtle dove, palm dove and Senegal dove while in India the name of the little brown dove is often used.


The laughing dove is a long-tailed, slim pigeon, typically 25 cm (9.8 in) in length. It is pinkish brown on the underside with a lilac tinged head and neck. The head and underparts are pinkish, shading to buff on the lower abdomen.

A chequered rufous and grey patch is found on the sides of the neck and are made up of split feathers. The upper parts are brownish with a bluish-grey band along the wing. The back is uniform and dull brown in the Indian population.

Just to know the Fauna of our Planet I have compiled these informations and pictures are of my own taken recently.


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  1. Sandhya says:

    Such an informative post Siba!

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    1. PhotoBySiba says:

      Thank you Sandhya for a patient reading…

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