Women are in NO way LESS

Women are in NO way LESS

Some shots…..I call them as my #PrizedCollection

A beautiful memory of #Women with bundles of #Woods for a #Livelihood which I clicked long back in January 2016 while I went to Chilapata a Forest Destination rich with flora and fauna.

It always reminds me how

“women silently contribute their share of hard work by fetching firewood’s from the deep forests by daring their own lives just to lay their hand in earning a decent living for their family but mostly our society is always so less vocal on it”.

It’s not just a mere click rather I call it a lasting memory from #Chilapata in #WB which always takes me away from myself to think and rethink on

Women & their Priceless contribution and unconditional love for their family and to do and give them the best•

& to conclude…….



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  1. Euphrates. says:

    Great one

  2. Kelly MacKay says:

    Very nice, and thanks for this.

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