Be just You

Be just You……अहम ब्रह्मसमी

•No compromises & no Begging for anything•

Because you are simply the most Unique creation of God.

The One to conquer the Impossible to I m Possible….isn’t it ?

Sometimes just mere feeling of oneness with the Universe makes me feel so happy and pampered.There are ups and downs in every one’s life.

No doubts in it.

But that can never pull me down from what I am or what I am for.

Life is no less than a Voyage on a deep ocean.

Facing an oceanic storm is never a choice but it’s a mere happening during the Voyage.

Life is like that.

Keep Happy and amused because you never know….

What N E X T !!!!!!

Be positive Be happy Be you

ज़िन्दगी ना मिलेगी दुबारा…..

You are the artist of your life.! Don’t give the paintbrush to anyone else..!!!


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