Love Thy Self

•Love thy self•

I think being in love with life is a key to eternal youth.”

Doug Hutchison

Youth in nothing but a clear set of mindset and it’s eternal source of blissful feelings.The thoughts we generate by virtue of our designed mind is the key that always lead us towards a feeling of happiness.

Some mornings I have experienced a feeling of “Bliss”as if everything is in order and the whole world gives a vibe of fulfilled desires & I am sure you too had the same experiences.

Desires become destinies and make them as least as possible to remain composed and poised.Grace and gratitude are always keys to inner happiness.

Being in harmony with nature has always inspired me and my thoughts to take me closer to eternity.

Love is a multi dimensional feeling of being one with the Inner being the Eternity.

Searching “love” from others is a mere foolishness unless it is well bloom within to gracefully forgive the sinner.

Thy the one who can always conquer thy self

Keep amused with the smallest things and look up….this whole creation is so beautiful.

•Nothing is permanent except me and my loneliness•


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Can’t agree more with you on the tagline which says “Nothing is permanent except me and my loneliness”. At some point of life we do attend and witness that loneliness it doesn’t implies to the lack of human beings around but the lack of a satisfying mind a mind which can feel, think and speak like you.
    Love is not a piece of diamond to be searched or hunted its a beautiful feel which comes your way all by itself.a.

    1. PhotoBySiba says:

      Spiritual growth is linear with Pure Lonliness else…..why Goutam went to deep woods before Salvation. When you hear the whisper of wind… hear the enchanting voice of God…..that is thy self.The Core.

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