Arise…Awake & Act…let’s clean our Neighbourhood

Arise…Awake & Act…let’s clean our Neighbourhood

I am basically from a beautiful beach town “Balasore” a coastal district Head quarter of Odisha in India.

Chandipur Sea Beach” is an unique beach of the world on Bay-of-Bengal where during low tide time the waves/sea-water go away quite far off from the coast making it a perfect play ground like feel to walk in to the sea with just knee deep waters.

It was always my childhood fascination being a most nearby destination for those childhood picnic days with friends and family members.

May be it’s a distant dream like memory myself being away for last 30 years or so from my hometown by virtue of my job postings.

Whenever I get an opportunity to visit Balasore it’s almost a must I go there to click some beach shots being a passionatehobbyistphotographer.

This time after a gap of so many months I landed on the beach quite early in the morning and to my utter dismay I got shocked to see the dirtiness I never thought even could ruin the to the extent of influx of tourists from different parts of India and mostly (Bengali tourists) from neighbouring West Bengal.

These are a few clicks which would well express my truthful views of this unique beach being destroyed by mere negligence by the OTDC Hotel caretakers on the beach itself and largely by local dwellers,vendors and never the less our own Odisha Tourism Dept, Govt of Odisha should take the onus.

Just imagine how much Debris the sea bed would be holding suffocating the lives of millions of undersea Fauna & Flora.

It’s a time for all of us to get visibly vocal on these environmental issues to catch the attentions of our own Govt bodies to arise , awake and act……

Let’s make this Planet look really beautiful with cleanliness being the one and only agenda.

#SwachaBharat #CleanIndia


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It’s high time…let’s clean ChandipurBeach in #Balasore #Odisha


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