Attitude…..Ego vs Self respect

Though both Ego & Self respect look much alike but……..both differ a lot if observed keenly & we confuse between these two attitudinal traits in most.

I being a •Go Friendly Attitude Man• with utmost caring attitude, have experienced it quite often and have felt the thin boarder line differentiating both of them.

Most of the time I try to pose myself as an ego-less man but it’s not necessarily that the person on the other side of the table takes it the exact way and there I had to proclaim again….I am ego-less but don’t encroach into my territory of self-respect.

Hahahaaaa…..it looks so complicated but very subtle and intriguing though.

Hammering on someone’s Self respect may result in losing that person for ever and Ego is the most volatile and dangerous among attitudes knowing well it’s just meaningless…..the moment we close our eyes…..

•This whole world is meaningless and just a Dream•

Not just me but anybody with a sense of self-respect would always agree with my words.

कभी कभी सोचता हूँ कि लोग इतने अहंकारी क्यूँ होते हैं

Just my own sentiments put to words….purely my own without any prejudices and I have no intentions to hurt anyone’s feelings.


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