Art of Photography….Nature

Art of Photography….Nature

The World looks the way we visualise it….

And the Better the Vision the Better it looks like…..

There is an old proverb….it goes like this

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder” & it’s true.

If you wear a coloured glass the whole World looks so colourful & the vice-versa.

Photography is always an art……We as Photographers see a lot of things around but be sure we will show off the Best always.

It’s a beautiful view of Houseboats anchored on the banks with tall Palm trees on the background at Alleppy in Kerala,India.

I would dedicate this scenic post to all Photography lovers across the Globe.


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  1. Amazing😍

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      Thanks 🙏 dear.

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    1. PhotoBySiba says:

      Thank you friend.

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