MothersDay…..a Gratitude

#MothersDay……a Gratitude

Women are the one who are exclusively blessed & We all should learn to respect them the way they deserve it from all of us.

We all are born from her womb…..after a painful journey of long 9 months & only a Mother can enjoy and cherish the Bliss of Motherhood.Motherhood is always a Blessing & I feel it’s an uniqueness to Women Fraternity only.

My respect to all Women on this Planet on this august day.

A Beautiful Quote I would love to share here…

“Your arms were always open when I needed a hug.

Your heart understood when I needed a friend.

Your gentle eyes were stern when I needed a lesson.

Your strength and love has guided me and gave me wings to fly.”

~ Sarah Malin

I will love to dedicate this Blog to all Women Bloggers.


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It's a Signature of My Creativity..... Emotions embedded with words and soaked with my Photography hope will definitely create an Life long Impression on You.


  1. Motherhood is the best journey of life not painful by any means.
    Pregnancy the most exotic feel not just physiologically but also the overloaded love showered upon a woman and the excessive pampering its just Wow…
    The feel of being a creator and the pride a lady takes in carrying on a dynasty its a feel like dude s go with collars up.
    The most cherished phase of my life …I wouldn’t mind having that feel once more.
    I felt like a Queen at this part of my life.a.

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  2. Blessed are those who have attained motherhood cause I have seen childless people their agony their craving their longing to be a mother.May all women be a part of this happiness named Motherhood.Since I read this am desperate to write on Surrogacy.ameen.

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