Nature Photography MyWay

Nature Photography MyWay….Early Summer at Shantiniketan

The beauty of Nature is its greenery to allure every heart.

Any place is beautiful & the loving heart can see Nature’s beauty every where.

Any heart blossomed with love can relate to the blossoms of nature no matter where they appear.

The foliage woven like a network seems to build a canopy overhead all drawn by nature itself.

The yellow hanging cluster of flowers and the green lined leaves have spread love in mixed form …..only a blind at heart can deny this mesmerising beauty so well captured.

Not necessary I have to know each & every plant on this planet…..but my vision will always choose the best to make you feel one with the Nature.

The fallen flowers.

As if Stars have fallen from Sky & twinkling on the ground….

 I would love to dedicate these shots to all Nature lovers across the Globe.


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It's a Signature of My Creativity..... Emotions embedded with words and soaked with my Photography hope will definitely create an Life long Impression on You.


  1. Heaven I have not yet visited
    But the splendour that you flaunt
    Here on this earth is what I find worth seeing.
    The immense pleasure it brings to our soul is worth feeling.
    Its like Paradise on earth.a.

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