Tea & it’s benefits

Four types of Tea

There are four main types of tea:

• White Tea– made from young tea leaves or new grown buds, using a quick processing method leaving the leaves very close to ‘fresh

• Green Tea– made by quickly steaming or heating the leaves to prevent breakdown (oxidation) of the catechins.

• Oolong Tea (semi-fermented) – this is more processed than green tea, but is not processed for as long as black tea

• Black Tea (fermented) – made by further processing of leaves, including exposure to heat, light and crushing.

Why teas are different

The major difference between types of tea is their degree of oxidation (exposure to oxygen). Excessive oxidation is thought to be unhealthy. It is suggested that white and green teas may have greater health benefits than black or oolong tea.

Traditionally, Green (unfermented) tea is favoured in Asian countries, while Western countries tend to prefer black (fermented) tea due to the strong flavours from fermentation. Oolong (semi-fermented) tea has characteristics between green and black teas. White tea is a rarer and more expensive tea from a particular part of China, but is gaining popularity worldwide. All varieties contain caffeine, a nervous system stimulant, although de-caffeinated versions of some teas are available.

Some studies have suggested that tea can slow down some cancers and reduce the risk of heart disease. The protective agents in tea seem to be a group of compounds called catechins. However, other studies have failed to establish any health benefits and research is ongoing.

Tea is a popular drink worldwide. It is made from the leaves of the plant Camellia sinensis, a close relative to the camellia plant found in Australian gardens.

Compiled out of curiosity & for awareness on Tea variants & it’s benefits among my Blogger friends with a click of my cup of black/liquor tea.


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