Tea ☕️Time….Nostalgia


Who will miss kissing 😘 tea from a Kulladh….

Enjoying tea☕️ on a roadside Nukkad/Tea Stall is an unique experience though everybody may not subscribe to it.

These earthen Tea Pots(मिट्टी की भाड़) are popularly called as “Kulladh“which are common to places like Bihar,Up,Delhi and even on Streets of Kolkata in WB India.

It’s owsum to sip tea from a Kulladh because of it’s the smell of Mitti (Mitti da khusboo)that adds to the aroma of tea in a big way.

May be only in India we get such options to enjoy Tea ☕️ on road sides.

I remember those wonderful days at Shantiniketan in WB India…”Stopping by at some roadside tea stall and enjoying tea from a Clay potMati r Bhadhमिट्टी की भाड़

Nostalgic moments I are always cherish through such memories of my past to enlighten you for any such stories of your’s.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Tea is not just a beverage its like romancing with your beloved.Any tea addict will go to any extent just for a kullar of chai.The hot sip of tea and having it down ur throat and having it so close to you is an owsum feel .The chai of a kullar blends with the aroma just like the mixing of the breathes of two individuals when trying to sip each other.

    1. PhotoBySiba says:

      WoW……I am happy it lead to your core…to openup.

  2. bhaatdal says:

    Wow ! What a coincidence my next post is on tea names as High Tea !! .. 🙂 a beautiful post by you and tea in kullhar is my favourite.

    1. I was lucky 🍀 to be in Bihar for 4 years and still luckier to be here in kolkata since July 2016 and i do love ❤️ tea ☕️ in Kulladh a lot , which is a delight here in Kolkata.

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