Change is the only constant till infinity.

There is a very popular saying & it reads like this……

-People who don’t change will not survive.

-People who change after the change, will definitely survive.

-People who change with the change, will succeed


-People who are the cause of the change, will lead always.

Just perfect & right words which we all have to accept & yes I have noticed it mostly in Men & Women in their post sixties who mostly suffer when they can’t change to cope up with the changing times.

So let’s not just read these lines & forget it like any other “Good Words” but let’s practise the habit of accepting change from an early age & accept the changing environment as we are a part of it but we as individuals can never be absolute.

Let’s pledge once more most utter intentions “Be a Change & Welcome it with openness”.

Just my own thoughts put to words with all thanks to one of my admirer friends who loves to share nice thoughts every now and then.I will feel happy if she puts her comment on this elaborated write up on her shared “Good words” in a Morning wish to me a few days back.


9 thoughts on “CHANGE before IT’S TOO LATE

  1. Indeed. Cheers.
    The technological changes are difficult for older people, without help or training how can they catch up? I am only fifty and computers were just coming out when I graduated high school. I worked twenty years as an athlete never used a computer. I can deal with what I do on my computers but I have no computer course I don’t have enough working life left offset the cost of doing course to upgrade. I can’t image how it will be in 25 years.

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    1. I am quite sure you still do excell in your later life too because you are an athlete and athlete can’t give up before the target ever.Just fifty is so cute an age.Loved your interactive thoughts.


      1. Yes, I have a winning attitude, however. My transferable skills from being a jockey, are not in big demand. I have reinvented myself many times, but it gets tiring. I sometimes envy those who have had one career all their life,

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      2. Kelly
        Don’t you think they get bored sticked to one career & one place as well… are awesome whatever career you have chosen & yet awesome with whatever you are blessed with.
        Great 👍🏿


      3. Oh, I know they do, My sister has had the same job same house same husband lived in the same village for all her life. She eats the same food, drives the same roads has the same friend. Her world is very small. and I couldn’t do it but many people live that way. I think there is very little personal growth in a life like that but She can’t change now.


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