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Dedicated to Girls

Girls won’t dress up for Boys….mind it

It’s a real catchy story of recent days and real show off about #GirlPower and may be Girls of our time were really shy kinda than from Girls of today across the Globe & it’s a real good sign of rising concern for self-respect and portraying one self being independent in expressions.

It all happened when I saw a girl in front of (QUEST MALL) of Kolkata while on a shopping spree and interestingly found her in a tops she was wearing with these as scribed  in BOLD LETTERS.

Girls do not dress up for Boys….

Isn’t it interesting to notice such boldness amongst girls in teens of these days who would be the future of our civilisation where equality of gender would never be compromised.

There may be lot of differences in opinion but I would always welcome a debate on this issue.

I am more thankful to you because you are the one who perhaps introspected into my feelings I imbibed the moment I saw that nice lines scribbled on that Girl’s Tshirt.

The journey towards betterment and with equally respecting to each other should always get going.

It’s enough of showing disrespect to #Girls by eve-teasing or passing derogatory comments at them on their dress code and not allowing their inner wings to spread and take a leap in to the Future.

Dedicated to all #Girls…..


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