Women Empowerment….a Pink Story

Women Empowerment….A Pink Story

She stoops to CONQUER….

I name it a real step towards Women-empowerment…

PINK AUTO SERVICES @Ranchi the capital of Jharkhand

Though I have visited many Cities in India by virtue of my Banking postings as well as a tourist,the Uniqueness that I found in Ranchi really inspired Me and I was always in search of a proper photograph to put My view point in a picturesque way.

These are Auto services running inside Ranchi City which has an unique name too #PinkAuto.

Not just the Autos are Pink coloured but these are exclusively driven by Ladies dressed in #Pink to look remarkably distinct & different for their lively hoods.

In fact while having a meaningful discussion on “Gender Planning” with one of my friend in that field I really got inspired by the way she explained very much vividly how a proper planning can really change the mindset’s of grass root planners to bring both Genders on The Same Platform of Our Society..

My Salute to These Women Auto Drivers…& My Salute to planners too.

She stoops to conquer in a real True Spirit…

I feel not though I could travel being a man not allowed on a #WomanSpecialAuto but could put forth such a nice view point on unique #WomenEmpowerment issue.

If at least a few of us think this way…..may be that day is not too far off to see our own daughters sisters running the show being in #LimeLight.


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