Mystiques and Mistakes

Mystiques and Mistakes

Secrets to a Happy 😊 Life….

Principles of a Happy Living I have tried to summarise from my own life ups & downs from my #OwnLifeLadder.

An age old Funda we all know…..Early to bed & early to rise makes one Healthy Wealthy & Wise.

Health is wealth & it’s very much true.

If one is wealthy but not healthy he or she can never be happy 😊.

Being Mystique is accepting things and people as they are…difficult but not impossible to practice in real life.

Normally most of us spoil our own mood by finding mistakes in every thing and every being to the contrary & live a life of discontent & misery.

A live & good music can always be palatable content to keep amused.It’s not necessary every body would love music 🎧.You might be Loving a pleasant morning walk in to the woods or painting or Yoga with Meditation.

It’s your own life and if you see into yourself I am sure you will definitely find that…..

God has created you with Uniquely Different traits.

Who is perfect…..may be no one.

But being the best among the Animal Kingdom we all are blessed with Emotions & Logics to define our own Domain and without intervening or intruding in to other’s territories we all can find happiness within to keep happy others.

Charity & being Kind to all….

Not necessarily this world will ever ask it from you but you need to be prudent in helping the needy.

•A help in need is always a Kind deed•

Karma…..not necessarily is always the physical doings but even Thoughts are a part of Karma which may never emulate or emerge as real Doings but simply a Bad Thought can ruin Us.

Let’s pledge to

Think Good See Good Do Good.

Life is too short to spend on #Toxicity so try to avoid those who spread the #NegativeVibes to the extant possible to feel better and fly with #Positivity.

#Thoughts are my #Own…..I will be happy to listen your view point.


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