Be Happy Be Content Be Joyous

Be Happy Be Content Be Joyous


It’s a #Selfie with my #CommonProple #आमआदमी who stand for long hours since midnight to get a chance to enter in to the branch for their #AADHAR enrolments or rectifications.

Hatsoff & I salute my people who are still peaceful in nature and have suffered a lot since our #independence with different varieties of #IdentityCards so far introduced.

They are both men & women including small children too who were eagerly waiting for me there to short list the final list of people for their enrolments.

Though it’s not a part of my duty but I believe very strongly on one real Hero….

Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda) who used to say


•I am the worshiper of that Lord whom the common men call human beings•

The moment I shortlist the final list of people to get the privilege to get their job and let them go home to come back after few hours…..the real relief shines on their face.

You just need to have a kind heart 💓 to help the common people of this country who are suffering a lot in every sphere of life.

May be no one will beg you for help but you need to dive in to their problems to resolve with a smile.

Let’s enjoy our work/duty with a smile & positive attitude else it becomes a burden.


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  1. I hope , all person in any field of responsibility should so kind hearted like you….

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Yes Boos & I am no exception

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