A real life event….Shameful

A real life Story…

Is it worth Exploiting just because you are a Woman…we all respect you & Care a bit Xtra but that doesn’t buy you a ticket to misbehave or exploit in public just because you are from a fairer sex.

Life itself teaches a lesson every now and then & it’s you to take out and walk away with high head.Being in a Banking job it’s my almost routine as a branch head to face people’s wrath who come to my chamber as a last resort for anything and everything related to Banking services & codes of ethics related to customer service.

That was first week of March 18 and a lady over mobile asked me for an appointment related to her AADHAR data rectification & AADHAR is an added service that we are providing now a days being chosen by UIDAI Authorities as an AADHAR creation and authentication centre with a young lady doing all these updates on biometric and retina scanning.

Exactly when that lady approached me on my mobile I was out of the branch for helping a Cancer patient for modification of her mobile number with AADHAR as it was needed for her CANCER TREATMENT & it was conducted with due permission from the competent authority.

I got a little late by the time I reached the branch and in the mean time the lady who took my appointment was so much annoyed that she was speaking bad of me in front of my staff at office like how could an AGM leave the branch during Custmoer hours and a lot many more derogatory remarks on me even without knowing me or even seen me ever in real.

As I entered in to my cabin my staff told me all about her misbehaviour and that lady with a baby in her hand was sitting there with a frowning face.

Even after knowing about her short comings and ill behaviour I felt humble to help her knowing that she is a wife of a “defence personnel”who stays all alone with that baby and her husband being posted far off in Indian boarders.

It was all fine and she went with a smile after her job was over.

I thought she might have realised her mistakes of unnecessary talking bad about a senior Bank Officer even before knowing about the person in real.

But again it proved wrong…

Being in WB where AADHAR rectification/creation work is the most slow and many of the people having some problems in their AADHAR data stand in long queue since midnight to get a chance to enter into the branch to get their job done.Under these circumstances after a weeks time the lady staright away entered in to my chamber and asked to get the AADHAR rectification done for her Mother who was suffering from sciatica pains as she told and I told her with folding hands…

“Madam I understand you are a House Wife and mother of a small baby whose husband is away on Boarders in Army but please bring your Mother’s medical reports having the ailment so that I would allow you as a special case to get your Mom’s AADHAR rectification done even without approaching me without a queue”.

But all on a sudden the lady started creating a scene by saying bad about me and my bank most loudly stating her Husband being in Defence services she is being harassed and for her Husband’s service we civilians stay safe at home and many more things like that which won’t relate to the incident .

Inspite of that I told her repeatedly to bring a simple medical supporting document or even a prescription so that I could allow her Mother but to the contrary she became extreme violent and started abusing and threatening me and my bank collegues to face the consequences as she told she was going to approach the local Media and Police to lodge a complaint and she ran away.

After a few minutes I got a call from the local SHO Police personnel who personally knows me well to know actually what was the incident and after hearing everything in truth about her untowardly behaviour he too compassionately requested me to allow her Mother’s AADHAR rectification being done at my behest & I agreed to his request and she was told to bring her Mother the next day.

A lesson to learn…..We as men are never ever bad at you being a Woman but don’t ever try to exploit on our simplicity by threatening and get your job be done at gun point.

Try to be a bit broader in your outlook and mindset….the World is waiting to help you even you behave humbly.

The question of female and privilege is often confused to be synonymous. That she is a female, she suddenly feels entitled and then translates that in to empowerment.

Too many a customers complain of •Bankers misbehaviour towards customers is very much derogatory•

& I would protest here with a smile…..

Most of the people’s expectations are too much and not spare a few minutes for the banker to sort out the situation even.

From day 1….

If my memory is right I always say it loudly….

•Customer is always Right•& May be those who have interacted at least once in their life must have seen me quite Vocal in my helping Attitude towards any customer in any problems entering in to branch.

Nothing new these days…..anyone can misbehave in public.

Gradually getting accustomed to such nuisance & one thing I am happy I kept the dignity of my fraternity & did the AADHAR of that poor lady’s Mother & proved that we are still dignified people who care not to be revengeful for any bodies unwanted behaviour.

•I never keep bad memories to spoil my present mindset•

Just a real life event and may be it’s an exception and not conclusive in any way.

My #respect for #Woman at large would continue as usual and any misbehaviour by a single lady can’t shutter my #Attitude.

Let’s respect each other.


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