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Bird 🐦 Photography…..Crimson Sunbird

Bird 🐦 Photography…..Crimson Sunbird

You may say…It’s differently unique.

I would say…It’s uniquely different.

But both are the same both being unique & different.

What a combination of crimson bird with crimson coloured wild flower.

Who won’t love nature & it’s belongings…the beautiful birds chirping on the morning hopping from one plant to another in search of nectar.I just feel so happy to recollect those two nights stay at Chilapata Jungle Resort about 80 km from Siliguri in WB just adjacent to Hasimara near Bhutan.

The Nature alongside a deep forest and a calm river with the foggy mornings during winter always reminds me of that memorable trip and as if nature always calls me time and again to indulge once more.

Let’s love nature and it’s all belongings the flora & fauna for their timeless joy and let’s retreat with a loving & caring heart to preserve its beauty for time immemorial.


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