Nudity hidden is a Beauty

Nudity hidden is a Beauty & exposed is a Nuisance.

Isn’t it so ?

Though nothing new in it but it’s a real happening in our life one way or the other.

In the name of Friendship a lot of people come for a purpose behind their friendly hand and when being exposed with the purposeful stride it seems like seeing the same person “Nude under bright Day light”.

•Nudity hidden is a Beauty & exposed is a Nuisance. Isn’t it so ?•

People forget to rely upon a very simple fundamentals of “Human Relationships”that leads the most of them to the destiny of Break-up in today’s so called modern World.

Expecting a lot from the partner/friend and keeping oneself Constant like a Pivot is no less than like a path to “HELL” and the Relationship looks alike a “Distant Dream”many might have ever dreamt of.

Heart 💓 never pretends…’s the sinful mind that plays the Foul Game.

Life is always a “Game of Trial & Error” and out of Churning I get to go along with the “Best ones around the Corner”.

Yes you are very much right

Only small small quakes is a constant happening around me….

but…..Nothing of serious nature

Else how could I have explored my inner within.

Radha…Krishna & Meera a perfect trio.Radha came to the life of Krishna for Romance but Meera as a pure emblem of Devotion.

Purpose without material obsession is a Bliss

But….With a material expectation is again a Nuisance.

Every step I put forth on the path of my Life journey I find myself gaining my own sphere deeper & wider.

It’s your own inner self confidence and I just ignited you with my magnetic burst of 🔥 flame.

The one’s who come for a purpose always fade away fading the way for the Better ones to replace.

Humbly your’s ever….a distant co-Traveller in Your Journey of Life.



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