An Unique Preparation…Pithah


Nadia Chitau Pithah

নারিকেল চিতো পিথা

It’s though quite common to mostly in Northern Odisha but people from adjoining district of Midnapure in West Bengal too know it’s taste.

Ingredients :

1)Rice soaked and well grounded

2)Coconut grated

3)Salt a pinch as per taste

Method of Preparation : for 12-15 Pithah

First of all soak 1/2 kg of Rice for at least 4-5 hours and then grate 1 and 1/2 coconut.The soaked Rice along with half of the grated coconut to be grounded fine in a mixie and after that the rest of grated coconut along with salt as per taste is mixed well pouring Luke warm water to make it semi-liquid mix.

The Earthen bowl has to be placed on oven till well hot and the mix is poured in small quantity so as to make 12-15 Pithas out of it and the earthen lid is placed on it with water soaked cotton cloth put on sides so that it maintains proper humidity inside while it boils for say 3-4 minutes at least .

It’s the earthen lid to be placed inside the bowl.

It will take around one hour to make 12-15 such yummy Pithas and it’s Odiya name is “CHITAU PITHA”.

For those connoisseur of traditional Odiya dishes across the Globe….just a try.


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