Recipe#1 Foodie Fiesta…Chicken stuffed Litti लिट्टी

Foodie Fiesta…Chicken stuffed Litti लिट्टी

Litti (लिट्टी) is an unique food from Bhojpur region of Bihar, India.

One of the most favourite dish wife used to cherish those days from Buxar in Bihar.She tried this item on gas oven with a perforated plate on the flames with a twist…’s Chicken stuffed Litti (लिट्टी) this time & it was just unique & awesome in taste.

Hot Littis (लिट्टी) mashed & mixed with ghee is a real palatable dish with low fat.

Ingredients are wheat flour balls puffed with chana powder,onion,green chilli along with pickle oil mix & chicken keema.

Preparation Method

First of all wheat flour is mixed with water to make dough of thicker consistency.Then prepare Sattu (सत्तू) Horse gram) grinded powder taken for an amount appropriate for stuffing as many littis to be mixed with finely chopped onion ,green chillies and a small quantity of pickle oil/mustard oil along with cooked chicken Keema to be ready for stuffing.

Then make balls of dough and with hand the centre be made hollow to accommodate at least two teaspoon of Chicken Keema mixed with सत्तू and then the item is made with dough to look like real balls with stuffing.

Make such 3-4 balls and keep the perforated tray on oven and put the balls on it with medium to high flame.Make all sides of balls to be baked in an uniform way to give a rusty look.

Ready to served with pure Deshi Ghee घी.

I would love to cherish this dish with Foodie freaks.


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