Love & Romance an Ageless Saga

Love & Romance an Ageless Saga

Holding hands in Youth may be LUST but holding till last is LOVE.

Life itself is a Romantic indulgence & it’s ego which comes in between to show that you are no more a Romantic Man/Woman reminding your numeric age .

“Mostly being Romantic is an Attitude”.

I have seen couples in their 70’s to 80’s walking hand in hand and talking for hours sitting on Gardens or Malls in Cities.

Today during business hours I met two persons one a Man & another a Woman.The Man almost 60 yrs of age with a very jovial nature and he was virtually crying of losing his wife a fortnight ago and the other one a Woman in her 70s was engulfed with same sorrow of losing her Life-time partner her Man in 80s.

A few really understand the importance of their Partners unless they lose.

Myth about “Romance” being an Indulgence of Youth is a complete wrong notion.

They are those who are happy from within are always Romantic & age is never a hindrance on their life journey of Romance.

Stay Happy….

Stay Accomplished…..

Whatever life gives us accept it as a Gift of Life…..

Love & Romance…..Ageless saga.

Romance is a saga which starts with your youth till your old age with love filled hands trembling but firm and strong.

Romance is not only waiting for a partner but it is something, without which life is incomplete…..being the most important ingredient of life without which a man or a woman can’t be ever complete.

Sometimes people waste away their whole life…..waiting for their Partner for the first move!But in real Who stops you….

Be First in Your move because Life is too short to Live.

#Thoughts on #Romanticism penned down & no conflicts please & I will happy if you put forth your views.


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