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Keep your Spirit up

Keep your Spirit up

These days people in most feel so low and down not because they are no less successful in their own sphere of life but because people are not happy to see others being happy.

I will love to ask a very simple Q….

Are you happy and satisfied from life ?

The obvious answer from most of us will be “Happy but had I been blessed with this & that….than may be that might have made me more happier.

Can happiness be ever a relative term ? No & Never.

Happiness is always an absolute measurement of your Soul/Spirit & how content and satisfied you are from life.It can never be a relative term.Most of us feel low because we are self-centred and more concerned for self than others. I have seen it in my own life……Feeling low and down can be over come with a visit to the vicinity and once you see the people around in misery and you try to find a solution that will always uplift your own spirit.

So let’s pledge…to be Happy Unconditionally & expecting nothing in return.

Just own #Thoughts put to #Words and not necessary you will subscribe to my thoughts.
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