Different Shot…..Tea Time

Can you deny a cup tea ☕️…..If served with milk and strong enough to arouse your taste buds ?

A lot of nice thoughts pop-up once I start sipping tea from a glass 🥃 full of tea made by none other than my sweet wife.

We Indians are a lot addict to hot Tea with Milk than compared to the western world where mostly they cherish liquor tea.

The morning time is the real refreshing moments to cherish good & positive thoughts to make the day more meaningful and I plan the day accordingly being the head of a Banking institution.

Positive thoughts have a far-reaching consequences once you get accustomed to such positive vibes and you won’t ever feel like digging back in to past or any negative vibes.I have got the right inspiration from my own  as on a routine practice I go for at least 15-20 minutes meditation early in the morning after Yoga practice with wife.

I read a nice message from one of my senior colleague and it was like this….

The Problem is not a problem. The problem is the incredible amount of over-thinking you are doing with the problem.let it go and be free.

what an incredible thought…..to be honest it made my day.

how about your’s…..?

Just #Thoughts put to #Words


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