Bird Paradise at Mangalajodi

Bird Paradise at Mangalajodi

Mangalajodi is the unique Bird sanctuary in Odisha (India) where more than 2.5 lakhs of birds (both resident and migratory) having about 168 species visit during winter season starting from mid of October till mid of March.However peak season starts from December till 2nd week of February when most of the Bird watchers,Scientists and Photographers visit this unique village in Dist Khurdha Odisha.

The place was quite different prior to the year 2000 when the local villagers were engaged in poaching of different extotic migratory birds for petty sum to live their livelihood.

The man who changed the place is Sri Nanda Kishore Bhujabala a local resident from Tangi who is presently Vice-President of “Wild Orissa” an NGO for well being of Elephants , Tigers and conversation of other wildlife.

The legend says he had to fight a lot and being a change in mindset of the local youth from Poaching to Conserving….the great turning point for which it is now the “Biggest Migratory Water Birds” site in Asia with Marshy/Wet land spread across1000 sqkm including Chilka Lake.

Govt of Odisha Forest dept ultimately converted this village in to an Eco-Tourism spot keeping in mind not to destroy the local habitat.

There are only two registered Eco-Resorts one being “Godwit Eco Cottage” & another one being “Mangalajodi Eco-Tourism”.Apart from that one Mr Sanjay Behera also provides Home-stay facilities though everything here is purely seasonal being the Tourist season from October till March.

How to reach Mangaljodi

Mangalajodi is around 70 km away from Bhubaneswar the capital of Odisha well connected by road , rail and air from any part of the World.The drive from Bhubaneswar to Mangalajodi hardly takes 1.30 hours and Mangalajodi is hardly 10 km away from NH16.The nearest railway station is Balugaon about 40 km and Khurda Road station is around 50 km from this place.

The local people as well as the visiting tourists need to stop using polyethine bags and other hazardous objects so as to conserve the migratory birds and keep the place a “Safe Heaven for Birds”.

I would love to share some Bird shots I took during my two days of the stay and to be honest I am not at all a professional photographer.

Asian Open bill Stork which is mostly resident to India.

It’s Brahminy Shelduck from Ladhak and Sikkim visiting this place during warm winters here in Mangalajodi.

It’s a Glossy Ibis a true beauty on this wet land.

It’s Common Pintail pair….the cute exotic ducks.

It’s a Beautiful Purple Heron so sharp in focus on its prey.

The beautiful Little Cormorant basking under setting Sun.

These are the Beautiful boats with guide and 4 tourists are usually taken for a trip in to the Marshy land that lasts for 2.5 hours.

It’s my wife along with bro & sis-in-law family we spent together some unforgettable moments at “Godwit Eco-cottage Mangalajodi”.The trip would always remain as a most sweet Nature Retreat at Mangalajodi.

I would like to link the below links on how to book accommodation at The unique Bird’s Paradise “MANGALAJODI”.

Odisha Eco Tourism

Mangalajodi Eco Tourism


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    At times you are chilling the body right upto the bones in the Abode of Snow time and again you make them swim against the tidal waves.Now you are making us free like a bird and compel them to migrate into your heart.
    The poses of the known and unknown birds are just just incredible.amen.

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