Count Down…….

Count Down

Good bye 2017 & Welcome 2018

Year 2017 began with a Big Bang of my promotion to Asst General Manager in Banking.I with my wife visited Paris & Germany and it was truly an exotic experience.

Being a Blogger cum Photographer I would like to add here some of my Best shots without prejudice.

It’s My sweet heart’s specs…’s a lovely click

Who won’t love a cup of hot tea in the morning

It’s TABLA…..a famous Indian Drum in miniature

Guitar….S T R I N G


Girls on Beach…..a click from DAGARA BEACH

The…..CANDID shot….Beach BOY from Chandipur Sea Beach

Let’s remember the year 2017 with sweet memories and  march in to year 2018

with love to all My Photography fans and fellow Bloggers


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  1. Anonymous says:

    A count.down is a curtain raiser to the new arena of life. May you have many more such treasured memories and unbound blessings that a heart can give away.
    Your accomplishments wil forever be a coz of someone’s happines.
    Let no cloud overshadow the Sun for the moon always waits to borrow that light called life for itself from the Sun.a.

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  2. Great creative

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    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Thanks Friend


  3. Anonymous says:

    Strings and banglez

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