Abstract Photography #4

Abstract Photography


It all depends how open you are in judging  objects from different angles.

 Sometimes I just feel so pampered to see colors around me & It’s a beautiful click of hanging chimes and key rings from a stall in an “International Trade Fair” at Kolkata.

It always can give a better feel provided the shot is embedded with emotions

The right combination of shadow and light givesthe bestcombination and yes the colors play the most vital role & I love the darker side as well.

The shot becomes more attractive and alluring while it leaves the right amount of space to think .

Dedicated to Photography lovers & Photographers.

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  1. vizagities says:

    So nice….

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Its all a matter of color combination. The dark surrounding makes it scintillating the mixture of colors becomes more vibrant. Hats off to the emotional heart Who chooses the perfect sight to fascinate the viewers.

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