let’s Dance to The Tunes of LIFE

Sometimes Life allures us to sway away with the flow of Wind…..

Into the Whirlpool and most of just get confused what to do and what not to…….

 These lies the real “WISDOM”

The ones with the prudent minds allow themselves to be swayed away with the flow of Life and the rest start resisting and leading to nowhere….

At times why not DANCE with the TUNES of LIFE….

After all it’s a STAGE we all are destined to play our ROLE and go back to Eternity.

Don’t ever hang on to a Belief that We will be here after the show ends”We all are just Mortals here to play to the tunes of Almighty”

Let’s Smile and smile away the Bad times and the more We frown the more we invite Misery in our life.

Be Happy & spread Happiness all around till the Last Scene.

Just #Thoughts put to #Words


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Taking life with a light approach and walking with the changing beats is what makes the Rhythm of life more melodious. A larger than life thought is explained in the simplest of way.
    I love U. Not only for what u are but what I am when I am with you
    U are blessed when life takes the best out of you and create a new U. Amen.

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  2. CreativeSiba says:

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    Rhythm….The Dance Steps

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