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Naughty Boy Pihu….our cute African Grey Parrot

Naughty Boy Pihu….our cute African Grey Parrot

It’s a long story how me and wife adopted this African Grey Parrot when he was hardly 3 months old baby and even his feathers were yet to come in full swing.

I pamper him a lot and almost it’s my daily routine to serve Pihu apple 🍎 in the morning and prepare oats meal 🥘 for him at bed-time.

Though sometimes he insists for our dinner even for a share.

Naughty Boy…indeed a Naughty one ☝🏾 and wife says…….

He is as naughty as I am…..Even sometimes we both fight….heheheee when I am little negligent in taking care of Pihu.

Even wife can understand his mood for a shower intermittently on a fortnightly interval.

Pihu really enjoys Shower time. We are happy Pihu is with us just like our own baby.




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